1) What is the process to rent an apartment?

There are three steps to leasing through Meredith’s.  Step 1: Tour the apartment so you can see where you will be living.  Step 2: Fill out and submit an application to the office.  All roommates should submit their applications together.  Step 3: Sign a lease.


2)  How do I schedule a tour and how long will it take?

Call the office to schedule a tour.  Tours usually last 20 minutes unless you are looking at multiple units.


3)  Is there an application fee?



4)  How much is the security deposit and when will I get it back?

The security deposit varies depending upon the building you want to live in.  Check the building information on the website for the details.  Security deposit notices are mailed out within 30 days of the end date on the lease.


5)  Do I have to pay for utilities?

The short answer is yes.  At some buildings a utility allowance is included in the monthly rent payment.  At other buildings, the tenants and their roommates pay the utility companies directly for the service.


6)  Can I move in early?

The move-in date is stipulated in the lease, but exceptions are sometimes made.  Call the office to explain your situation and to request consideration for an early move-in date.


7)  When is the rent due?  What if I can’t pay on time?

The rent is due on the first of the month as outlined in the lease.  To avoid a late payment charge, call the office to make arrangements for an alternate payment date.


8)  What if I need to be matched with a roommate?

Call the office to let us know you need to be matched with a roommate.  We can review availability and options with you.


9)  Can I have a pet in my apartment?

We have opted for a no pet policy in order to make our apartments available to tenants who suffer with pet or animal allergies.  The allergens and dander that most pets leave behind can pose a problem for future tenants.


10) Will I know ahead of time if Meredith’s will be stopping into my apartment?

Absolutely, we do our best to give our tenants 24-hour notice before entering their units.  Only in the event of an emergency would we enter an apartment unannounced.