The properties we own and manage are all conveniently located within walking distance of Illinois State University’s campus. Don’t want to walk? We provide bike racks at each building and private parking lots for tenant vehicles.

We offer a variety of apartment configurations and layouts. Whether you want to live alone or with three of your closest friends, we have an apartment that’s a perfect fit for you! There are spacious one bedroom units, enormous two bedroom apartments, and unique four bedroom units. All floor plans offer the space you need.

What’s included in your rent?

High-speed internet with WiFi is included at every location. Some units offer tenants the convenience of having all utilities rolled into the rent payment. Other apartments allow tenants the ability to monitor and regulate their energy consumption.

The Inspect and Select Process ensures great tenant experiences. Prospective tenants are able to see and choose the actual apartment they lease. We think that it’s best to provide you with choices and to show you the actual apartment that you’ll be renting. Look at walls, open drawers, and choose the exact space you’d like to call home. We do not have, nor do we show “model” apartments.

Repair and Care Service Process means we provide a 24/7 telephone service, so tenants know that their maintenance needs will be handled in a timely manner for their peace of mind. Later in the school year should something within your apartment need repair our maintenance workers will complete the task. All maintenance personnel is escorted by one of our office staff, which means safety and peace of mind for our tenants.

Furnished, Move-In Ready Apartments at ISU

The Move-in Process does not need to be traumatic for you or your relatives. Professional cleaners and Meredith’s other support contractors will see that you have a clean and properly operational apartment at the time of your move-in. Tenants are never asked to “waive” your right to have a clean apartment. Thus, our tenants receive clean and move-in ready apartments. There is even an orientation as part of the move-in process. The orientation provides helpful apartment and safety information, so you have a strong level of comfort. College students and their families appreciate our move-in orientation that goes over apartment information such as where the fuse box is located (and how to use it!), who the utility providers are, and what happens if you lose a key, and other safety tips.